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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Wondering if you need backup and disaster recovery services? If your business lost all of it’s data today, would you be in business tomorrow?  How long would it take you to recover?  How much money do you lose while your data is unavailable?

We help businesses of all sizes mitigate that risk.  We have onsite and offsite backup solutions available.  If your server fails, our onsite backup can spin up a virtual copy of your servers to use while your server is being repaired.

How do you know if your backup is working the way it needs to? Here are some questions to ask:

  1. When was the last time you recovered data from the backup, either for production or as a test of the backup system?
  2. Did your backup have multiple restore points available for the files or folders you needed?
  3. Was the recovery of your data successful?
  4. How long did the recovery process take?
  5. Do you have a documented procedure in place for how to recover your data in case of an emergency?

If you weren’t able to answer those questions, your business could be at risk. We hear from a lot of potential clients that thought they had a good backup but it didn’t work when it mattered.

Why do you need backup and disaster recovery services?

Most importantly, you need someone who know the importance of watching AND testing your backup on a regular basis. We can help you with a solution that not only meets the benchmarks you need for recovery point objective (RPO or the amount of data you have to reenter after the outage) and recovery time objective (RTO or the amount of time your business can be down).

Ransomware Protection

While it is important to protect from hardware failures and natural disasters, this is not enough. One of the biggest threats to businesses is ransomware. While there are a lot of layers to defending against it, the backup is the last defense. If you are infected, backups are often the only other way to recover your data without paying the ransom.

Why choose Logix?

Logix has two primary goals. Protect your businesses’ data and keep the business running. Your data is stored onsite and offsite. It is also encrypted to ensure it can’t be accessed by others.


Offsite and Onsite Backup

Monitoring and Remediation Included

Weekly Manual Checks and Quarterly Testing

Free Restores (some limitations apply)