Cloud Services


Business with Cloud

Wondering why your business needs cloud services? It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to utilize the Cloud to help run your small to medium business. Cloud capabilities are quickly making traditional in-house server rooms obsolete. With options like Microsoft Azure and Office 365, you’ll be wanting to make the switch to the Cloud too!

Azure is a cloud environment that can virtually host your servers, complete with custom specifications based on your business needs. Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Office applications that auto-updates, so you have the latest version available. This lets you take care of business, regardless of where you are.

The MANY perks to using Office 365 include: Scalability, Collaboration, and Mobility. 

And the truth is, you’re probably already using some parts of Office, so a transition to Office 365 would be a smooth transition. Plus, once you’ve migrated and updated to the newest version of Exchange, you’ll ALWAYS be using the latest version of Office 365!

Of course, we always recommend meeting with your IT Consulting Service before making any changes to your current set-up. This will ensure you’ll have Office 365 tailor-made to your business’s specifications.


Cloud Services

Benefits of Cloud Services:

Highly available

Eliminate capital expenditures

Only pay for what you use