Is Windows displaying programs offscreen? This is a common occurrence when using a dual-monitor setup. When you disable the secondary monitor, Windows will move all of the programs to the primary monitor. It may display some of the programs entirely on the primary monitor, and Windows may display other programs only partially or “offscreen” on the primary monitor. While it’s somewhat of a nuisance — especially if you regularly switch between a single- and dual-monitor setup — you can typically fix it using the methods described below.

Cascade Windows

On its website, Microsoft lists several ways to troubleshoot offscreen programs associated with a dual-monitor setup. One of the methods listed is to use Cascade Windows. With the program open, right-click the program name in the taskbar and choose “Maximize.” You can then right-click a blank space directly under the taskbar and choose “Cascade Windows.” Windows will then allow you to manually resize the program so that it fits your monitor.

Arrow Keys

Another way to resize an offscreen program is to use the arrow keys. Like with the first method, you’ll need to launch the program and then right-click the program name in the taskbar. Next, click “Move.” You should then position your cursor in the center of the screen. Next, use the up, down, left and right arrows on your keyboard to move the program to the desired area. When finished, click enter.

Extend Onto Monitor

Windows features an option to automatically expand the Windows desktop so that it fits the entire monitor. To use this feature, click the “Start” menu and choose “Programs,” followed by “Control Panel.” Navigate to “Display” and select the “Settings” tab. Look for your secondary monitor in the “Display” box. There should be an option to extend the Windows desktop onto this monitor

Update Display Drivers

If you’ve tried the aforementioned methods to no avail, you may need to update your display drivers. Display drivers are pieces of software that allow monitors to interact with the computers with which they are used. Using an outdated display driver may result in Windows displaying programs offscreen.

In Conclusion

Weird things can happen when you enable and disable a secondary monitor. One of the most common problems is offscreen programs. Rather than displaying a program entirely on a given monitor, Windows may display it offscreen. it’s frustrating because you won’t be able to see the entire program; some of the program will be displayed offscreen where you can’t see or interact with it.