Have you noticed a limited connectivity message when attempting to use the internet? It’s a common problem with Windows computers. Even if you’re able to connect to your Wi-Fi, you may not have internet access. When pulling up the network screen in Windows, you may see “Limited” or “This connection is limited” for the Wi-Fi to which you are connected.

Network Congestion

Network congestion can cause limited connectivity. Networks can only handle so much traffic. If there are too many devices on your network, and those devices are downloading or uploading a lot of data, you may notice a limited connectivity message.

Computer Is Too Far Away From the Router

How far away is your computer from the router? Most routers operating on the 5.0 GHz band should be within 50 feet of the computers and devices with which they are used. If your computer is too far away from the router, you may experience signal loss. This loss of signal can manifest in the form of limited connectivity that prevents your restricts your ability to use the internet.

Corrupted Drivers

Corrupted drivers can cause limited connectivity. Drivers are pieces of software that control the operations of a piece of hardware. Most computer components have a driver. When a driver becomes corrupted, the hardware component may fail. Corrupted drivers, particularly those for network cards, can lead to limited connectivity.

Outdated Firmware

In addition to corrupted drivers, outdated firmware can cause limited connectivity. Firmware is a type of software that’s designed to provide basic, low-level use for computer hardware. Nearly all routers come with firmware. You’ll need to update this firmware regularly to ensure the router works as intended. Running a router with outdated firmware may lead to limited connectivity.

Antivirus Software

If you’re running antivirus software, you may want to try to temporarily disable it. Antivirus software may wrongfully flag your connection as a potential threat, in which case you’ll experience limited connectivity. You may be able to open the settings to add an exception so that you can continue running the antivirus software. To determine whether this is the cause of your limited connectivity, though, you can temporarily disable the antivirus software.

IP Address Issues

Issues with your Internet Protocol (IP) address may result in limited connectivity. IP addresses reveal the location of a device or local network that’s connected to the internet. Some providers offer dynamic IP addresses that change on a regular basis, whereas others other static or fixed IP addresses. Regardless, problems can occur with IP addresses that lead to limited connectivity.