Desktop computers feature many of the same parts as laptops. They have a motherboard, memory, storage drive, processor, cooling fans and other components. Only desktops, however, have a tower. The tower is the case that contains all of a desktop computer’s parts. There are mini-tower cases, mid-tower cases and full-tower cases. While they are all larger than the integrated case included in laptops, they differ in size.

Overview of Mini-Tower Cases

Mini-tower cases are the smallest. Most of them are about 12 to 16 inches tall, and they feature one or two external bays. With their small size, they are lightweight and portable. If you’re looking for a desktop computer that’s easy to transport, you may want to choose a mini-tower case. You can easily transfer it between your workplace and home — or other places — thanks to its small and lightweight design.

Overview of Mid-Tower Cases

Mid-tower cases are slightly larger than their mini-tower counterparts. They measure about 17 to 21 inches tall. Mid-tower cases feature external bays as well. While mini-tower cases only have a maximum of two external bays, though, mid-tower cases can have up to four external bays. Mid-tower cases are larger than mini-tower cases, so they support more external bays.

Overview of Full-Tower Cases

Full-tower cases, as you may have guessed, are the largest. They typically measure about 22 to 27 inches tall. Some of them have six external bays. Other full-tower cases have up to 10 external bays. And while mini-tower and mid-tower cases typically only support a single power supply, full-tower cases may support multiple power supplies. Full tower is the largest of all desktop computer cases.

What About SFF

While not as common as mini-tower cases, mid-tower cases or full-tower cases, there are also small-form-factor (SFF) cases. SFF are designed to be smaller than “normal” tower cases. They are even smaller than mini-tower cases, in fact.

SFF cases don’t support the same standard-sized computer parts as tower cases. Instead, they are designed for use with SFF parts. There are special types of motherboards, for instance, that can fit into an SFF case. SFF motherboards are smaller than other motherboards.

In Conclusion

Desktop computer cases can be categorized according to their size. There are mini-tower cases, mid-tower cases and full-tower cases. WIth the exception of SFF cases, mini-tower cases are the smallest. Mid-tower cases fall somewhere in the middle. And full-tower cases are the largest.