Of all the different types of cyber attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is among the most destructive. It can cripple your business’s network. During a DDoS attack, the perpetrator will spam your business’s network with traffic from a network of devices. The devices typically consist of hijacked computers. As these computers send data packets to your business’s network, they will create congestion and performance issues. You can use DDoS mitigation, however, to protect your business’s network from these attacks.

#1) Reroute Traffic

Rerouting traffic is an effective DDoS mitigation traffic. All DDoS attacks involve traffic — and lots of it. Your business’s network will be overloaded with traffic. But you can reroute this traffic so that it doesn’t manifest in the form of performance issues. Rather than allowing the traffic to connect to your business’s main server, you can reroute it to a secondary or backup server.

#2) Blacklist Malicious IP Addresses

You can mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack by blacklisting malicious Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. IP addresses identify traffic. If you notice a set of IP addresses spamming your business’s network, you can blacklist them. The blacklisted IP addresses will be rejected. They won’t be able to access your business’s network.

#3) Use a Firewall

One of the most useful DDoS mitigation tools is a firewall. Firewalls are traffic filters. Some of them operate on a network, whereas others operate on individual computers and devices. Regardless, a firewall will filter the traffic coming into and leaving your business’s network. If any of the incoming traffic is malicious, the firewall may block it.

#4) DDoS Mitigation Service

There are DDoS mitigation services available. If you’re worried about DDoS attacks affecting your business, you may want to subscribe to one of these services. A DDoS mitigation service is a cybersecurity service in which a vendor will monitor your business’s network for signs of a DDoS attack. If the vendor detects a DDoS attack, it will take steps to neutralize it and mitigate the damage.

#5) Upgrade Available Bandwidth

Another way to mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack is to upgrade your available bandwidth. The more bandwidth your business has, the better protected it will be from DDoS attacks. Most DDoS attacks aim to consume all of the available bandwidth on a network. Each device that attempts to connect will consume a little bit of the available bandwidth. By increasing the available bandwidth, you can mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack.