Neglecting to secure your business’s network is a serious mistake. Research shows that nearly half of all small businesses operating in the United States have been the target of a cyber attack. Weak or nonexistent network security will make your business an easy target. Network detection and response (NDR), however, can protect your business’s network from many types of cyber attacks.

What Is NDR?

NDR is a cybersecurity tool — typically in the form of software — that offers complete protection against a variety of network-related cyber attacks. It’s designed to detect, prevent and mitigate cyber attacks. What are the benefits of NDR exactly, and why should you deploy it on your business’s network?

Continuous Monitoring

You can rest assured knowing that NDR will always monitor your business’s network. Continuous monitoring is a native feature of NDR. Whether day or night, NDR will monitor the traffic on your business network. It will check the traffic for signs of a cyber attack or other forms of malicious activity.

Complete Network Protection

Some businesses use endpoint detection and response (EDR) to protect against cyber attacks. While EDR only protects endpoints, such as individual computers, NDR offers complete network protection. All of the computers and devices on your business’s network will be protected if you use NDR. Opting for EDR, on the other hand, may leave some of your business’s computers and devices unprotected.

Machine Learning

NDR uses machine learning to protect against cyber attacks. Most NDR solutions have built-in machine learning algorithms. As they monitor network traffic, they learn what to look for. NDRs are highly effective at detecting cyber attacks because of machine learning.


Mitigation is another benefit of NDR. In the event that a cyber attack occurs, NDRs will mitigate it. They will initially try to detect and prevent the cyber attack. If these measures fail, though, NDRs will mitigate the cyber attack. They may block the malicious traffic that’s responsible for the cyber attack, or they may quarantine the affected computers or devices.

Real-Time Analytics

You can view analytics in real time when using NDR. NDRs will collect data. After deploying an NDR on your business’s network, you can log in to a secure portal to view analytics in real time. These real-time analytics will include information about the traffic on your business’s network.

In Conclusion

Many business owners overlook NDRs when planning a cybersecurity strategy. As a result, many of them struggle to create a secure network. An NDR is a cybersecurity tool that can benefit your business in many ways. It offers continuous monitoring, machine learning, mitigation and real-time analytics.