It’s frustrating when you try to log in to an account, only to discover that you’ve forgotten your password. A recent NordPass study found that the average person has over 100 passwords. With so many passwords, it’s nearly impossible to remember them all. But there are now alternatives to passwords. Depending on the particular type of account, you may be able to log in using an alternative method of verification.

#1) OTP

A one-time passcode (OTP) is a passcode that’s good for a single login. They are typically sent to your smartphone or email address. To log in to an account without a standard password, you can request an OTP. Entering the OTP will allow you to log in. Of course, you’ll need to request a new OTP each time you want to log in.

#2) Physical Key

There are physical keys that you can use to log in to accounts. Physical keys typically consist of a Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive. Some accounts support USB-based physical keys as a standalone form of verification, whereas others support them as one of the steps in multifactor authentication (MFA).

#3) Social Media Logins

Some accounts support social media logins. A social media login is exactly what it sounds like: a login system for a social media network. Rather than logging in to an account with a password, you can log in to your social media profile. Logging in to your social media profile will automatically log you in to the account as well.

#4) Fingerprint

You can log in to many accounts using your fingerprint. Fingerprint-based logins are a form of biometrics. Assuming you have a device with a fingerprint scanner — and the account supports fingerprint-based logins — you just need to scan the tip of your finger. It will check to see if the fingerprint matches that on file. If it’s a match, you’ll be logged in to your account.

#5) Iris

In addition to fingerprint-based logins, some accounts now support iris-based logins. Iris-based logins involve scanning your eye. It’s another form of biometrics. All biometrics involve physical characteristics, such as scanning your fingerprint or iris. They don’t require a password, nor do they require an OTP.

#6) Authentication Apps

Authentication apps are on the rise. They are mobile apps that allow you to log in to your accounts without a password. Even if you’re trying to log in to an account from a desktop account, you can use an authentication app on a mobile device. The authentication apps will verify your identity.