Have you removed a piece of malware from your computer, only for it to return shortly thereafter? Whether you removed it manually or with the help of antivirus software, it may return. Restarting your computer, for instance, may reveal a new instance of the same malware.

Unintentional Infection

Malware may keep coming back due to unintentional infection. Unintentional infection means that you accidentally download the same piece of malware. You may initially remove the malware. But if you visit a malicious website or download a malicious file attachment in an email, you may accidentally download the same piece of malware, in which case the malware will return.

You should use caution to avoid accidentally downloading the same piece of malware after removing it from your computer. If you first discovered the malware infection after visiting a particular website, don’t visit the same site again. Malware may return if you accidentally download it by visiting a malicious website.

Forced Reinstallation

Forced reinstallation is another possible reason why malware keeps coming back. Some types of malware have components that are designed to reinstall them and, thus, execute their malicious activities. Unfortunately, antivirus software may not catch these components. Your antivirus software may catch and remove most of the malware’s files, but it may leave behind the reinstallation component.

Reinstallation components consist of one or more files that, as the name suggests, are used to reinstall malware. They make it difficult for victims of malware infections to remove malware. You may be able to remove most of the malware’s malicious files with antivirus software, but the malware will keep coming back unless you remove the reinstallation component.

How do you remove the reinstallation component exactly? Try using multiple antivirus products. Even if you have a preferred antivirus product, you should combine it with at least one other antivirus product. Microsoft Windows has a built-in antivirus product. Known as Windows Defender, it may catch and remove the reinstallation component. Only after removing the reinstallation component will the malware will be gone for good.

Virus Replication

Virus replication can cause malware to return. Viruses, of course, are a type of malware. They can harm your computer and devices just like all other types of malware. Viruses are simply characterized by their ability to create copies of themselves.

If there’s a virus on your network, it may create copies that spread to other connected computers and devices. Therefore, viruses can keep coming back even if you remove them.