Statistics show that two-thirds of all small businesses are concerned about cyber threats. They realize that it only takes a single cyber attack to cripple their business’s operations. If your small business is the victim of a cyber attack, it may take your business’s information technology (IT) infrastructure offline. Alternatively, it could result in a data breach that’s both difficult and expensive to recover from. With a cybersecurity mesh, however, can protect your small business from cyber threats.

Overview of Cybersecurity Meshes

A cybersecurity mesh is a multilayer approach to securing an IT infrastructure. It involves the repeated use of cybersecurity safeguards on a device level. Rather than only creating a single layer of defenses, you can create multiple layers of defenses by applying them at a device level. Known as a cybersecurity mesh, it’s become a popular cybersecurity strategy among small businesses.

How a Cybersecurity Mesh Works

While it may sound confusing, the mechanics of a cybersecurity mesh are relatively simple. A cybersecurity mesh consists of safeguards applied at a device level.

Some businesses only use a single layer of defenses. They may install a single firewall and a single antivirus product that covers their entire IT instrastructure. A cybersecurity mesh uses a different approach. With a cybersecurity mesh, you can apply safeguards such as these to individual devices. If your small business’s IT infrastructure has 100 computers connected to it, for example, you can install a firewall and antivirus product on each of the 100 computers.

Benefits of using a cybersecurity mesh include the following:

  • Leverages multiple layers to protect against cyber threats
  • Lowers the risk of vulnerabilities and exploits in cybersecurity software
  • Ensures that all connected devices are protected

Tips on Implementing a Cybersecurity Mesh

You can implement a cybersecurity mesh by focusing on individual devices. Each device on your small business’s IT infrastructure should have the necessary safeguards to protect against cyber threats. Doing so will result in the same safeguards being applied to multiple devices.

Reusing the same firewall, antivirus product or other cybersecurity solutions will result in a mesh-like cybersecurity strategy. Your small business’s IT infrastructure will consist of multiple layers. Even if an attack is able to penetrate a single layer, he or she may not be able to penetrate the other layers.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to regularly update cybersecurity software on your small business’s devices. Running outdated cybersecurity software on a device may leave the device susceptible to cyber threats. If you’re going to use a cybersecurity mesh, make sure you update all cybersecurity software on all of your small business’s devices.