When researching encryption solutions for your business, you may come across transparent encryption. It can protect your business from data breaches. Like all forms of encryption, transparent encryption uses an algorithm to encrypt data so that it can’t be deciphered. Transparent encryption, though, is a relatively new form of encryption.

What Is Transparent Encryption?

Transparent encryption is the process of encrypting and decrypting data in real time as it’s saved or accessed, respectively. Also known as on-the-fly encryption, it’s powered by encryption software. You can use it to lock down your business’s data so that it’s better protected against breaches.

How Transparent Encryption Works

Transparent encryption leverages encryption software to encrypt and decrypt data. There are different types of whole-disk encryption software. While some of them only support manual encryption, others can encrypt data automatically. Transparent encryption involves the use of encryption software that’s able to automatically encrypt data when the data is saved and decrypt data when the data is accessed.

Here’s a general breakdown on how transparent encryption works:

  • Encryption software automatically encrypts data when the data is saved.
  • The data will remain encrypted while it’s being stored.
  • Upon being a ccessed, the encryption software will decrypt the data.
  • Encryption software will perform these encryption and decryption processes automatically and in real time.

Advantages of Transparent Encryption

With transparent encryption, you won’t have to worry about manually encrypting your business’s data. The encryption software will take care of this task. Transparent encryption is distinguished from other forms of encryption by its automatic process. You don’t have to manually encrypt your business’s data. Transparent encryption is an automated process that takes this burden off your shoulders.

Transparent encryption also eliminates the need for manual decryption. The encryption software will decrypt data when the data is accessed. If you attempt to download a file, for instance, the encryption software will decrypt the file automatically.

The main benefit of transparent encryption is its ability to protect against data breaches. Statistics show that over 155 million records were exposed in 2020. Even if you have a small business, it could become the target of a data breach. Transparent encryption will protect your business from data breaches. It will automatically encrypt your business’s data while the data is being saved. And it will automatically decrypt your business’s data when you or another worker attempts to access the data.