When inspecting your router, you may discover a WPS button. An acronym for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, it’s a common feature with many modern-day routers. Most routers have a physical WPS button, or they can be configured with WPS in the settings. What is WPS exactly, and how does it work?

What Is WPS?

WPS is a feature that’s designed to simplify the process of connecting devices to a router. Routers, of course, are the foundation of wireless networks. With a router, you can create a wireless network. You can also connect the wireless to the internet. As a result, all of the devices on your wireless network will have internet connectivity.

Connecting devices to a router typically requires a password. You’ll have to select the name of the wireless network created by the router, followed by entering the password to the router. Only then can you connect devices to the router. WPS eliminates these steps. When activated. WPS will automatically connect all nearby devices to it.

How WPS Works

WPS works by searching for nearby devices that support a network connection. You can activate it by pressing the WPS button, or if your router doesn’t have a WPS button, by configuring the settings. Activating WPS will force your router to search for nearby devices that support a network connection.

If your router finds a compatible device, it will automatically connect to it. You won’t have to manually select the wireless network on the device, nor will you have to enter the password on the device. WPS will take care of these tasks for you. It will essentially create a “handshake” with all compatible devices. Computers and other devices in close proximity to the router will automatically connect to it with WPS.

Should You Use WPS?

While it’s convenient, WPS poses security concerns. A strong password is essential to creating a secure wireless network. It ensures that no bad actors can connect to your wireless network unless they know the password. WPS, though, eliminates the need for a password. Even devices that you don’t own or manage may connect to your router if you activate WPS.

For a home-based wireless network, you can typically use WPS. For a business-based wireless network, conversely, you should avoid it. You can create a more secure wireless network for your business by manually connecting devices to the router. It will take longer, but connecting devices manually will protect your business’s wireless network from cyber threats.

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