Is your computer obnoxiously load? It’s normal for computers to produce some noise when running. After all, they contain many different pieces of hardware, some of which operate mechanically. Loud noise, however, may be a sign of an underlying problem. Whether it’s located in your home or office, you may want to consider the following tips to make your computer run quieter.

Clean Dust

Failure to clean the dust from on and inside of your computer can result in loud noise. All computers have vents on the case. These fans are used in conjunction with one or more fans to remove heat. The fan or fans will spin to draw in fresh air and expel the warm air. As duct builds up, though, the fans may struggle to spin, resulting in loud noise. For a quieter computer, blast some canned air around the vent to remove any built-up dust and debris.

Check the Hard Drive

If your computer is loud, you may want to check the hard drive. Hard drive failure is one of the most common reasons for loud noise. Hard disk drives (HDDs), for instance, are data storage devices that use a mechanical method of operation to read, as well as write, data. They consist of platters with an arm. As the platters spin, the arm will read or write data in a particular area. Like most types of computer hardware, HDDs can fail. If your computer’s HDD has failed, it may result in loud noise.

Disable Unnecessary Processes

Another way to make your computer run quieter is to disable unnecessary processes. At any given time, there are probably dozens of processes running in the background of your computer. And the more processes that run, the harder your computer will have to work. Running too many processes at once may cause your computer’s HDD or fans to spin faster. These effects can lead to loud noise. By disabling unnecessary processes — you can do this through the Task Manager in Windows — you can eliminate this loud noise.

Insulate the Case

Finally, you can insulate the case to make your computer run quieter. All computers have a case. The case is the shell that houses all of a computer’s hardware. Most cases, unfortunately, don’t contain any insulation. This lack of insulation can intensity loud noises, assuming the noise is coming from a piece of hardware. Even if your computer’s case doesn’t have any insulation, you can add it. Adding a thin layer of insulation to the interior of the case can make a world of difference in the amount of noise it produces.

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