Think your computer is suffering from a Vundo malware infection? Also known as Virtrumonde malware, Vundo malware consists of either a trojan or worm that’s packaged in software. If you download software off the internet — or through an email client — your computer may become infected with Vundo malware. Below are five common symptoms of a Vundo malware infection.

#1) Pop-Up Ads

While there are different types of Vundo malware, many of them cause pop-up ads. They’ll essentially infect your web browser so that it displays pop-up ads while you are browsing the internet. Some of them may even state that you need to purchase other software, such as a “registry cleaner” to remove the pop-up ads. If you discover pop-up ads in your web browser, Vundo malware could be to blame.

#2) Disabled Firewall

Vundo malware may disable your firewall. Even if you have a firewall, Vundo malware can render it useless. After infecting your computer, Vundo malware may disable your firewall so that it no longer filters malicious traffic. With your firewall deactivated, your computer — as well as other computers on your network — will be susceptible to malicious activities.

#3) Random Redirects

Another common symptom of a Vundo malware infection is random redirects. You might be browsing a legitimate website, only for your web browser to redirect you to another site. Many websites have redirects. If you notice random redirects on websites or pages, though, it could be a sign of a Vundo malware infection. Vundo malware often creates random redirects to send users to malicious websites, such as those containing rogue security software.

#4) Less Storage Space

Vundo malware can consume your computer’s storage space. Some types of Vundo malware have been known to consume as much as 3GB of storage space. If you suddenly notice that your computer has less storage space, you should check to see if it’s infected with Vundo malware. Vundo malware is larger than many other types of malware, resulting in the consumption of more storage space.

#5) Disabled Antivirus Software

In addition to firewalls, Vundo malware can disable antivirus software. Many types of Vundo malware have been known to disable Norton Antivirus. By disabling the antivirus software, it’s able to spread more easily. Fortunately, not all antivirus software products are affected by Vundo malware. By choosing the right antivirus software, you can maintain a high level of protection against Vundo and other common types of malware.

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