There are different ways to encrypt data on your computer’s hard drive. While they all use an algorithm to convert data into a secured and encrypted format, some of them have different properties than others. On-the-fly encryption, for instance, has become a popular choice among businesses. What is on-the-fly encryption exactly, and how does it work?

What Is On-The-Fly Encryption?

Also known as transparent encryption, on-the-fly encryption involves the use of encryption software to both encrypt and decrypt data automatically when saved or accessed. It uses many of the same encryption algorithms as other solutions.

The defining characteristic of on-the-fly encryption is that it encrypts and decrypts data automatically. With other encryption solutions, you’ll typically have to perform these processes manually. On-the-fly encryption offers an easier solution by automatically encrypting and decrypting your data.

You can use on-the-fly encryption to handle all of your encrypting and decrypting needs. Whether you need to encrypt a single file or hundreds of files, it can do it automatically. More importantly, on-the-fly encryption is automatic.

How On-The-Fly Encryption Works

After installing on-the-fly encryption software on your computer, you can configure it to encrypt some or all of your data. You can configure it to encrypt all files in a specific folder of your hard drive, for example. When you access a file from this folder, the software will automatically decrypt it so that you can read and edit. After editing the file and saving back to the appropriate folder, the software will encrypt it once again

Benefits of Using On-The-Fly Encryption

Because it encrypts and decrypts data automatically, on-the-fly encryption is easier to use than conventional encryption solutions. Encrypting data manually takes time. You’ll have to find the software on your computer, choose the folders or files that you’d like to encrypt and proceed to execute it. On-the-fly encryption handles all of these tasks automatically.

Of course, on-the-fly encryption doesn’t just encrypt data automatically; it decrypts data automatically as well. When you access an encrypted file, it will decrypt that file automatically. You won’t have to load the software to perform the decryption. On-the-fly encryption handles file decryption automatically.

To recap, on-the-fly encryption refers to any encryption software or solution that works behind the scenes. It automatically encrypts data when saved, and it automatically decrypts data when accessed. By using on-the-fly encryption, you won’t be burdened with manually encrypting and decrypting data.

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