How do you typically back up your business’s data? Creating regular backups is essential to protecting against data loss. Even if you an original data record is lost or deleted, you restore it using a copy of the record. You don’t have to manually back up your business’s data, though. A better solution is to use a backup as a service (BaaS). Also known as a managed backup service, it’s a cloud-based service that automated and streamlines data backups. Below are five features to look for when choosing a BaaS.

#1) Encryption

When choosing a BaaS, make sure it offers encryption. Encryption is essential to preserving the security and integrity of your data, regardless of where it’s stored — and the cloud is no exception. Without encryption, your data could become compromised after being backed up. Fortunately, most BaaS providers offer multiple encryption standards, including AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256.

#2) Continuous Protection

Another feature to look for when choosing a BaaS is continuous protection. Continuous protection means that your data will be automatically backed up according to your specified schedule. Maybe you want to back up your data once a week, or perhaps you want to back it up once a day. With continuous protection, the BaaS will follow your specified schedule to ensure that your data is regularly backed up.

#3) Compression

You may want to choose a BaaS that offers compression. Businesses, of course, often have a lot of data. Depending on how much data your business has, backing it up could take up a lot of disk space on the cloud. Compression is designed to solve this problem. With compression, the BaaS will compress your backed up data so that it consumes less disk space.

#4) Local Synchronization

Local synchronization has become an increasingly common feature with BaaS. By choosing a BaaS with this feature, you can sync it to your computer. Therefore, any changes that you make to your computer’s files will be reflected upon your BaaS account. Creating a new local file, for example, will result in the creation of a backup for that same file on the cloud.

#5) Network Backup

You may discover a BaaS with network backup. As the name suggests, network backup is a feature that allows you to back up data on an entire network. You won’t have to back up the data on each computer. Whether there are two computers on your network or a dozen computers on it, network backup will handle all of them.

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