Is your inbox overrun with email spam? Since its origins in the 1980s, email has been a vector for spam. Research, in fact, shows that over four-fifths of all emails sent globally consist of spam. It’s frustrating when you check your inbox, only to discover that it’s filled with dozens of spam emails. The good news is that you can keep spam out of your inbox by following a few simple tips.

#1) Block Senders

When you discover a spam email in your inbox, don’t just mark the message as spam. Instead, block the sender. Marking the message as spam will simply move it to your spam folder. The sender, of course, will still be able to send you additional spam emails. You can block the sender, though, to prevent these future spam emails from hitting your inbox.

#2) Use a Different Email Address for Work

If you currently use a single email address for both work and personal purposes, you should consider creating a separate email address for work. Using a single email address is never a good idea. You’ll get more spam emails if you use a single email address. You can discourage spam emails, though, by using a different email address for work.

#3) Beware When Subscribing to Newsletters

You should use caution when subscribing to email newsletters. Some newsletters are associated with spam. When you subscribe to a newsletter, you are essentially providing that organization or individual with your email address. At the same time, you are giving them permission to send you emails. You can still subscribe to newsletter, but make sure the organization or individual that operates them is credible. Otherwise, they may spam you.

#4) Configure the Spam Filter

Another way to keep spam emails out of your inbox is to configure the spam filter. Most inboxes have a spam filter. By default, the spam filter will automatically look for signs of spam. If it thinks an email is spam, it will move the email to the spam folder. For better performance, you can configure the spam filter. By configuring the spam filter, you can tell it what signs to look for. If you receive a lot of spam emails that contain a specific word, for instance, you might be able to blacklist that word.

#5) Don’t Respond

You can’t expect to keep all spam emails out of your inbox — and that’s okay. The most important thing is that you don’t respond to spam emails. Responding to a spam email shows the sender that you are actively monitoring your inbox. As a result, he or she may continue to send you spam emails. Rather than responding, block the sender and move on.

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