Is your business’s Wi-Fi slow or otherwise unreliable? Even if your business doesn’t operate in a tech-related industry, it may still rely on Wi-Fi to perform various online activities. From running sales reports to engaging with clients on social media, you’ll probably connect to your business’s Wi-Fi when performing common online activities such as these. If your business’s Wi-Fi is plagued by slow speeds or frequent outages, though, you may want to set up a mesh Wi-Fi network.

What Is a Mesh Wi-Fi Network

A mesh Wi-Fi network is a type of wireless network that’s characterized by the use of signal-extending nodes. It’s called “mesh” because it supports the use of many nodes. Nodes can be added to or removed from a Wi-Fi network. When a node is added, it will replicate the original signal created by the router. When a node is removed, the additional signal will be lost in that area of the Wi-Fi.

Increased Coverage

You can easily extend the range of coverage offered by your business’s Wi-Fi by switching to a mesh configuration. A router alone isn’t always sufficient. It may offer coverage in the room or area of your business’s office in which it’s used. If a room is a far away from the router, though, you may fail to get Wi-Fi coverage.

Each node in a mesh Wi-Fi network will extend the coverage of your business’s Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can use them to fix “dead” spots. If you don’t have Wi-Fi coverage in a particular room, simply add a mesh node between that the room and the router. The node will replicate the router’s signal so that it doesn’t fade before reaching the room. Rather, the Wi-Fi signal will be strong.

Faster Downloading and Uploading

In some cases, using a mesh Wi-Fi network can lead to faster downloading and uploading times. Slow speeds are often caused by a poor Wi-Fi signal. As the router’s original Wi-Fi signal traverses a long distance, it will degrade. The signal will become weaker and, therefore, only able to support slow downloading and uploading speeds.

If your business frequently experiences slow downloading and uploading speeds over Wi-Fi, using a mesh configuration may help. You just need to place the mesh nodes in the right places. If your Wi-Fi is only slow in a particular area, focus the mesh nodes between that area and the router to speed it up.

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