Windows 10 is the latest generation of Microsoft’s long-running PC operating system. You may discover, however, that some desktops and laptops run a special version of it. Known as S Mode, it’s designed to improve security and performance, though it comes at the cost of greater restrictions. So, what is Windows 10 S Mode exactly?

Overview of Windows 10 S Mode

Windows 10 S Mode is a feature in Microsoft’s operating system that restricts the types of files users can download and they activities they can perform. When activated, you can only install software from the official Microsoft Store; you won’t be able to download and install software through other channels, such as websites and email.

You’ll also have greater restrictions when browsing the internet with S Mode activated. It automatically sets Microsoft Edge as the default browser and Bing as the default search engine. As long as S Mode is activated, you won’t be able to change these settings. Rather, you’ll be restricted to using the Microsoft Edge web browser and the Bing search engine.

What’s the Purpose of Windows 10 S Mode?

Being that Windows 10 S Mode is so restrictive, you might be wondering why Microsoft even offers it. Well, it’s designed to do two things: improve speed and protect against cyber threats.

S Mode essentially forces your PC to run in a digital sandbox. As a result, it won’t be slowed down by outside programs or processes. At the same time, S Mode makes it almost impossible for your PC to become infected with malware since you can only install apps through the official Microsoft Store.

How to Disable Windows 10 S Mode

To take full advantage of Windows 10, you’ll need to disable it S Mode (assuming it’s currently activated). While S Mode does offer performance and security benefits, it’s highly restrictive and doesn’t offer a complete experience for users. Thankfully, you can disable S Mode in just a few easy steps.

Before proceeding, it’s important to note that once you disable S Mode, you won’t be able to reactivate it. It’s a one-time deal, and when S Mode is gone, you can’t bring it back.

You can disable S Mode by accessing Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Go to the Store. From here, select “Get” below the option for “Switch out of S Mode.” When finished, restart your PC, at which point you should have access to all Windows 10 features for your PC’s respective version.

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