Are you planning to purchase a new laptop in the near future? Whether it’s for business or leisure purposes (or both), you should take the time to choose the right one. A high-quality laptop can last for many years, all while offering a superior level of utility compared to cheaper, lower-quality laptops. Here are six important things to consider when choosing a laptop.

#1) Screen Size

A large screen won’t necessarily make your laptop faster. It will, however, make it easier to see and use. Laptop screen sizes vary. They can range from just 12 inches in diameter to over 17 inches in diameter. With a larger screen, however, you can expect a higher price tag.

#2) Operating System

What type of operating system (OS) does the laptop run? You generally have one of two options regarding the OS: Windows or macOS. Windows laptops are typically easier to customize, as well as upgrade, than their macOS counterparts. With that said, some people prefer the simplicity and natural user-friendly environment offered by macOS.

#3) Ports

Don’t forget to check the ports on a laptop. USB ports, for instance, allow you to connect a variety of external peripherals to your laptop, including flash drives, mouses, keyboards, printers, fax machines and more. In addition to USB ports, you may want to choose a laptop with video ports, such as HDMI. With video ports, you can connect one or more monitors to your laptop, essentially using your laptop like a desktop computer.

#4) Hardware

Along with the ports, you should check the hardware used in a laptop. The most important pieces of hardware are the CPU, storage drive and RAM. The CPU is the main computer processor that runs the laptop, whereas the storage drive is the device where data is read and written. Finally, RAM is a type of flas

#5) Warranty

Does the laptop come with a warranty? If not, you may want to look elsewhere. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of at least six months with their laptops. Furthermore, many retailers offer their own warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. Hopefully, you won’t need to use it, but it’s always a good idea to choose a laptop with a strong warranty.

#6) Price

You should consider the price when shopping for a new laptop. Laptops can range in price from just $300 to over $3,000. If you’re on a budget, look for mid-ranged laptop for an appropriate balance between price and performance.

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