Does your business require you to use a computer on a daily basis? Even if your business doesn’t operate in the information technology (IT) sector, it may still require the use of a computer. From restaurants and retail clothing stores to landscaping companies and daycare centers, countless businesses use computers. If you’re going to use a computer for work-related activities, though, you should focus on maximizing your productivity.

Check Email Less Frequently

Email offers a quick and easy way to communicate over a private or public network, but it’s also a major source of wasted time in the modern-day workplace. According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), the average worker checks his or her email 15 times per day. Assuming it takes you three minutes to check your email, that’s a total of 45 minutes spent checking your email each day. You can still use email as a communication channel. Rather than checking it 15 times per day, though, try cutting back to just four or five times per day.

Use 2 Monitors

If you’re currently using a single monitor, consider investing in a second monitor for your computer. With two monitors, you’ll have able to more efficiently. If you’re typing a report, for example, you can display your word processor on one monitor and references or data on a second monitor. Considering that high-definition computer monitors are available for as little as $100, a second monitor is a smart investment for all business owners and workers who use a computer.

Delete Unnecessary Programs

Allowing your computer’s storage drive to become cluttered with too many programs can have a negative impact on your productivity. As a result, you should go through your computer’s hard drive to see if there are any unnecessary or unused programs that you can delete. By deleting them, you’ll free up valuable resources that can be used for other tasks.

Protect Against Malware

Malware, not surprisingly, can have a negative impact on your productivity when using a computer. If your computer is infected with malware, you may encounter problems like slow speeds, random reboots, restricted file access and more. By deploying the appropriate safeguards, you can protect your computer from malware.

Use Project Management Software

Project management software is particularly useful for maximizing productivity. What is project management software exactly? Basically, it’s software — either local or cloud based — that’s designed to streamline the creation and execution of projects. Popular types of project management software include Trello, Microsoft Project and Basecamp.

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